Recap of Fitz’s Woeful Weekend + Chuck Pagano Hire

To start off the weekend, everyone in Chicago learned of the Bears hiring Chuck Pagano as their Defensive Coordinator on Friday night. If you know anything about Pagano you’d know he was the Colts head coach from 2012-17. Before that he bounced around the league as a secondaries coach and had a lone year as the Ravens head Defensive Coordinator. They gave up a lot of yards that year, as well as the third most points allowed in the league. Good news for Chuck is that he is inheriting the number one overall defense from this past season, so he’d be really fucking up if he lets those numbers slip to 3rd worst in the league. I like that Pagano has a defensive mind, and it’s a plus he has post season coaching experience which is also something Chicago was lacking during this years short stint in the playoffs. Listen people, Pagano beat cancer so the NFC North will be nothing. Think about how scared the Vikings, Packers, and Lions will be with old Chucky Boy at the helm.

Image result for andrew luck frustrated

Also I’m owning up on telling everyone to bet the Colts mL and that they were already printing 2-0 shirts blah blah blah. Colts looked like ass, Andrew Luck humiliated me and Patrick Mahomes has my number till the day I die. I guess talking like Kermit the Frog has its advantages, advantage Patrick that nobody would want to talk to him so he just watches film all day like he’s Bill Belichick. I decided to lose two more games after that, by taking both underdogs Dallas and the Chargers. It didn’t work out, the Divisional Round raked me over the god damn coals like a piece of fresh meat this weekend. I was so disgusted I didn’t even bother betting the last game because I was too scared to take the underdog (Eagles) and of course those rat bastards from Philly cover the spread. DISGUSTING. Well I tried to warn you, don’t listen to my gambling advice and I hope none of you did. I’ll leave that up to Brady from now on. Bottom line the Bears signed a silver fox to run the D and Fitz lost some spending cash this weekend.

By: Marcus Fitzpatrick

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