Kyler Murray declares for NFL Draft


🤫Kyler Murray is making the right decision 🤫

Did anyone really NOT see this one coming? Think about it for a second, it’s the NFL or the MLB. Better yet, it’s the NFL or playing for the Oakland Athletics.

I’m not saying that football is more fun than baseball (I love both sports dearly), okay maybe I am saying it. When you think about it, what is Kyler Murray gonna have more fun doing? Obviously, football. He gets more exposure, he gets more recognition and he gets more guaranteed money. It’s honestly a no brainer.

And for people who are saying “he’s gonna get hurt, there’s more risk in football”, shut up. That’s a weak and lazy argument. How many NFL QBs are getting hit anymore? The NFL has weakened the rules so much, you can’t even look at the QB anymore without it being a flag. Kyler can get hurt just as much if he played baseball than if he plays football. It’s that simple.

Kyler Murray is gonna be a high draft pick, make tons of money, have a lot of success in the NFL and will laugh that he even thought about playing 4 years of minor league baseball just to play for the Oakland Athletics.

I’ll also say this. There is more chances of success in the NFL than in the MLB. If Kyler bats .180 during a September call up stint and then bats .220 the next year, it’s a lot easier to find a center fielder than it is finding a franchise QB. MLB teams gives up on prospects fast because there is so many of them. In the NFL, they will do everything they can to make sure their future QB has every chance to succeed.

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