“I am the river, I am the fire”

We’re back on track after Friday nights debacle, went 3-2 with the Cowboys not covering and the Colts forgetting how to play offense. All week my brain was all in on the Chargers, and Philip Rivers finally beating Tom Brady until Tom posted this to his Instagram. Fuck, no chance you can bet against Tom Brady when he’s screaming about his destiny, and being the river and the fire, no clue what it means but I’m all in. Last years was “and fate whispers to the warrior you can not withstand the storm the warrior whispers back I am the storm!” No clue where this Pshyco path gets these quotes but fuck they would turn me on if I was from Boston. I’ll link this years video below.

So into Sunday’s picks!

NE -4 @ home and the 48 under– This could blow up in my face as this was supposed to be underdogs and overs all weekend. You just can’t go against the hype video, Tom Brady at home has lost 3 times in his career and always plays well when people say he’s done. 24-17 Patriots.

NO -4.5 first half — first half over 25– NO game -8 — Were all in on the Saints, the Eagles are on fire but football always makes no sense, and I can’t see Brees choking.

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