Patrick Mahomes—> Jar Jar Binks —> Sithlord —> Chiefs -5

Well it finally happened, I had a losing night I have a bad feeling something hasn’t gone from hot to cold this fast since…

R.I.P Viseron, you were a good boy.

Alright I’ll walk you through the title here, I was watching a video of Mahomes talk and he literally looks, and sounds like Jar Jar Binks. This led me back to one of the wildest reddit theories I’ve ever read about Jar Jar being a Sithlord. Never bet against a secret Sithlord, and Andrew luck is weird. Imagine how many drugs this guy did to think of this, truly remarkable.


Chiefs -5 @ home and the 56.5 Over, and Chiefs -3 first half line — Everyone, and I mean everyone is riding the Colts tomorrow so naturally all in on the Chiefs. I know all the stats, Chiefs 3-17 ATS in the playoffs I really don’t care they cover and win. Well also take the over as you see above easy, easy money.

Cowboys +7 and the 48.5 over — This will be a close game, the Rams will win because they’re better but I think it’ll be 33-30. A touchdown is a ton of points to cover especially in the playoffs. OVER AGAIN ALL ABOARD THE OVER TRAIN TOMORROW.

I have been awful in fan duel, been about four nights since I’ve won. Still doing a team in a two day tournament.

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