Who’s the better dynasty? The Warriors or Me?

Winning is really boring, people are actually getting angry I’m doing well. I really don’t even know what to say anymore, another 4-1 night. Should’ve been 5-0 but an absolute screw job by the refs in San Antonio last night otherwise OKC would’ve walked out with a win. Gonzaga, Miami, Michigan, and Denver all cover pretty easily I didn’t even have anything to sweat. Man enough to admit that my fan duel team tanked, if you didn’t have Russ and LA last night no shot you won they both went for 80+. This moves me to *checks the log* 24-14-1 on the year which is quite remarkable if we’re being honest.

Friday picks–

Wisconsin -3.5 @ home vs Purdue- I think the Badgers are overrated, and Edwards is probably the best player in the conference but his team stinks and Wisconsin won’t lose two in a row at home.

Indiana +5 @ Maryland- This will be a close game, I don’t know if Indiana will win but I think it’ll come down to the last possession. If it was +3 or lower I would’ve taken Maryland but I think Indiana keeps it close.

Northern Kentucky-5.5 — For some reason they’re on ESPN2 and they’re supposed to win the Horizon this year so I’ll take them at home against Wright State who has a losing record.

Sixers -12.5 Vs ATL — Hawks are a G league team you know the rules people, the Sixers have lost 3 games all year at home and I feel like the Hawks always get blown out.

Pacers -8.5 @ NYK — Pacers are the only road favorites were riding tonight even though we’ve got screwed the last two nights on road favorites.

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