Rumors are hurtful, I do not have a future sports almanac. I’m just that good.

Wow, last night was one of the most fun nights of gambling I’ve had in awhile. Nothing gets the heart pumping like a good ole fashion twitter bet, everyone cheering against me, going nuts when I’m down 0-2 to start the night. It was like that Game Of Thrones Scene during the Battle of the Bastards where Jon is surrounded, couldn’t breathe but somehow still won, that’s my night. 3-2 on the night to move us to a YTD total of 20-13-1 which is just outstanding, people are saying I have a futures sports almanac simply not true!

Thursday’s games are trash, we have four NBA games, and only two top 25 matchups in college basketball. At this point I can’t be a coward and stop picking though so let’s ride.

Michigan -8.5 @ Illinois — Taking Michigan here at first it seems easy, Illinois is 4-11 but they haven’t got blown out and have played a bunch of good teams. I think Michigan is the best team in the country besides Duke.

Gonzaga -24.5 at home– This is obviously a huge line but I’m taking it, the WCC is so terrible Gonzaga will roll and they never seem to let their foot off the gas especially at home.

Miami +2.5 @ home against the Celtics– Miami always plays well at home and usually doesn’t lose two in a row in Miami. Boston is also on a back to back and was at home last night so that could be the dagger.

OKC -1.5 @ SA — I don’t really love this pick but it’s the prime time TNT game so I felt obligated to pick it. OKC has been playing well even with Russ dealing with an injury I think they steal one in SA.

Denver -5.5 @ home against LAC — Absolutely 0 idea why I am picking them if I’m being honest, but when you’re hot and a line catches your eye you take it. So do as I say.

Another +300 night and winner in FD last night, I’ll post them to my twitter from now on around 4pm.

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