Should Matt LaFleur date Olive Munn?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since he’s been hired. Right now Rodgers is still the head coach, everyone complaining about how bad the Titans offense was, shut up, Blaine Gabbert started like 8 games. The only way to take the head coaching position from Rodgers is to date Munn, until then he will have no respect for him.

In addition even the half of Wisconsin thinks Danica Patrick is attractive because she can chew a whole tin of grizzly in one lip, and is good at left hand turns I do not think she is. Especially when you compare her to Olivia Munn one of the most attractive women to ever walk this earth.

I’m not saying Aaron Rodgers worst year had any correlation to coming home to a girlfriend ripping cigs, and gassing Busch lites but it could’ve. If LaFleur brings Munn around Rodgers will realize he messed and take her back, sometimes your blinded by love and I know living in Wisconsin will do wonders to your eyes but please Matt do the right thing and save the Packers.

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