I’m going to have to start blogging under an alias so my bookie doesn’t murder me

I almost wanted to have a bad night tonight, miserable Brady gets the people clicking, but I can’t help how good I am or how big my brain is. We started off 4-0 and my blood bank guarantee was spot on again you just don’t waltz into Lubbock Texas on a brisk Tuesday night and cover.

I’ve won so much money I can only begin to think, would I rather have a yacht or a jet? This is tough one for me but I’m going to go with a yacht. When was the last time you saw someone on a yacht having a bad time not surrounded by 20 women? We also will probably have to start a GoFundMe for my poor bookie that dude probably has a hit out on me.

Back to being humble though, YTD– 17-11-1 here’s your 5 picks on the night!

Auburn -2.5 on the road at Ole Miss–Marshall Henderson isn’t walking through that door. It might be because he’s a prison but I meant he’s graduated either way, once a Tiger always a tiger I’m on Auburn.

Iowa +3 on the road at NW– uh oh I’m sensing a trend in my brain right now. We are all in on the road dogs tomorrow, I think this NW team is bad sorry Fitz.

Kansas -6 at Allen over TCU– Finally a home team, I know Kansas just got blown out and lost one of their best players so of course they’re going to cover tomorrow, it’s just how the world works.

Nets -9 at home against the Hawks– Listen if you’ve been reading you know about the Hawks. I have no idea how they’re still in the NBA, they also are on a back to back and on the road. Thoughts and prayers they might not even score 50.

76ers -1 on the road in Washington– This fucked with my brain so hard I knew they just played tonight, but they do again tomorrow. Washington sucks, and Embiid rested the whole second half tonight, Philly gets their first win in capital since November 2013.

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