Preview: Northwestern vs Iowa

With football season being cancelled, me not caring about hockey (somebody change my mind on why I should become a Blackhawks fan) and spring training dancing in the distance, I’m left with NCAA basketball or in other words Chicago’s BIGTENTEAM the Northwestern Wildcats. The Catz are currently sitting at a 10-5 record, being 1-3 in Big Ten play. Tonight they take on the Hawkeyes with a 12-3 record, and whom are similarly 1-3 in conference play. Both of these teams are a couple possessions away from being ranked in the top 25, so naturally this is going to be a pretty competitive game. Vic-Law and Tyler Cook should be going at each other all game but I already know who is going to be the deciding factor and his name is Dererk Pardon. Pardon is averaging 13 ppg and adds about 8 boards a night as well. He is Northwestern’s X-Factor and will continue to be all season. Also Northwestern hoops dropped their preview of “The Foundation” on twitter last night, which is an @NBCSChicago (free ad plug) TV-series that has a in depth look into Northwestern’s off-season training regimen.

ZERO PERCENT CHANCE NORTHWESTERN LOSES AFTER DROPPING SOME INSPIRATIONAL FIRE LIKE THAT. Sorry Brady, but it looks like you’re going to be drinking your own piss on Instagram live because Northwestern isn’t losing in Welsh-Ryan tonight. I don’t know about you, but I’ll be hammering the Catz -2.5 to cover at home.

By: Marcus Fitzpatrick

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