Yesterday was my Mona Lisa, but still I paint!

Yesterday everything just fell into my lap. I happened to get the Packers coaching story 13 seconds after ESPN tweeted it, Trevor Lawerence went off, and together we killed Alabama. On top of that I’m probably riding a hot streak 8-2 the last two days, I’m going to have to join a church to donate to or the IRS will come after me. But I’ll stay humble and blog and keep giving free money to you guys because that’s the kind of guy I am #Humble.

We’re coming off a sports high that we probably won’t feel until the first weekend of March Madness. NFL playoffs, National championship, and great basketball games so Tuesdays games are a bit of a buzz kill but that’s why god made gambling.

The biggest game of the night is UNC traveling to that other team from NC we won’t say their name, it’s a pick em and a gift from god we’ll take UNC. Everyone knows there’s no tougher place to play than Lubbock at 6pm on a Tuesday night, absolute electric atmosphere we’ll take Tech -6 against an overrated Sooners team. Buffalo has only won one game this year by less than 9 points so we’ll ride that train to on the -9 at home.

In the National Basketball Association the Nuggets have to fly across country to Miami I don’t love that, but I do love them +1 they’re not going to lose two games in a row. There’s 7 NBA games total tomorrow and 4 have spreads more than 10 that is disgusting, don’t touch that with a 10 foot pole. So by default we have to take the Hornets +6.5, this feels like a night where we cool down because I still have my football brain on but no excuse just results.

YTD Record– 13-10-1

FanDuel lineup -(we’ve been ice cold on duel lately, lineups subject to change with injury’s and people sitting)

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