The Clemson Tigers are Crowned National Champions

 In the final game of the 2018-19 college football season the two best teams in the nation faced off for the ultimate goal, the National Championship. The Clemson Tigers came up victorious over the Alabama Crimson Tide by a score of 44-16. Not many people expected this outcome including myself. I predicted an Alabama win in a much closer game but you never know what’s gonna happen. Clemson dominated Alabama straight from kickoff but I don’t believe the score truly shows the true story. Alabama is a much much better team than what they showcased last night but looking at the score you wouldn’t think so. If these two teams played a 7 game series I think Bama comes out on top winning the series 4-3. Obviously Clemson deserves some respect for beating them but all in all these two teams are much closer than what the score board showed.


 Throughout the whole game Clemson played an unbelievable game from start to finish. The defense and offense were both playing to their full potentials, unlike Alabama. Tua did not have a great game and frankly he hasn’t had a great game against any of Alabama’s top opponents. When Alabama played LSU, Georgia and Clemson Tua did not play to expectations. So before you go around calling Tua the best QB in college football you may want to think again. Now onto the Clemson side of the ball. Trevor Lawrence played lights out and really looks like a Heisman contender for next year, same with Travis Etienne. Freshman Justyn Ross put up Randy Moss like numbers while showing off with some Odell like catches. The Clemson offense as a whole was very impressive to watch Monday night and I would definitely expect more from this team in years to come.

By Andrew Kalb

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