Ochai Agbaji to burn Redshirt — play for Kansas this Year

According to Gary Bedore, Ochai Agbaji will burn his redshirt and play for Kansas this year.

Big, big news in Lawrence, Kansas. This obviously has a direct impact on Udoka Azibuke missing the rest of the season with a wrist injury. With Udoka sidelined for the rest of the year, Kansas must go back to a 4 guard lineup.

That’s where Ochai comes into play. The 6’5 freshman guard from Oak Park, should make a direct impact. He’s got fresh legs, he’s super athletic and can make shots. That’s exactly what Kansas needs on this team. Ochai will bring a big spark plug off the bench, and in all honestly, I can see him starting eventually over Garrett and letting Garrett go back to his natural role of coming off the bench.

I understand the idea of redshirting and the idea of a kid is gonna be better at 23 than he is at 18. And I understand Ochai has had to sit on the bench a lot of this season because he thought he was gonna redshirt. But, Kansas was the preseason #1 and has a lot of talent THIS year. They need help offensively more than ever that Doke went down, and if they want to make a run in March, Ochai can be the guy that can get this offense going.

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