Go Win Money Tonight.. Bet the NBA

Need a bet tonight? Of coarse you do. C’mom you can’t be sitting at your 9-5 job and not think about all the money your about to lose tonight.

Want to get nuts? Well were about to get nuts here and offer a big parlay bet with a BIG payout.

The bet is…….

Take the 76ers -8.5 over the Wizards.

Take the 76ers-Wizards over 228.5.

Take Denver +1.5 over the Heat

Take the over 210 with Denver and the Heat

Take the Clippers -6.5 over the Hornets.

5 bets.. take them all.

Am I missing something here on the Nuggets? How are the Nuggets giving points to the Heat? I get their on a back to back and playing on the road but they’re the best team in the West and are underdogs to a .500 Heat team? Is LBJ and Bosh playing for the Heat tonight? Are we back in 2012? Give me Jokic and the Nuggets in a 10 plus point win over Miami.

Also how is the over/under 210? That’s like 18-20 points lower than every other game on the slate tonight. CRUSH that over.

5 bets.. parlay them all… Go put $10 down and go win $228 and cash out tonight a big winner.

Thank me later.

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