Is it time for the Bears to rebuild?

Respect to me for waiting almost 16 hours after the Bears franchise went up in flames to write this, and some people say I’m not a good guy.

Bears fans are so funny, all this hope in their hearts “Our new coach is the next McVay” , “Khalil Mack is the best defensive player ever!!” -***checks Khalil Mack’s playoff stats*** Yikes 0 sacks for Chicago’s king! Okay, all players have bad games let’s see their lord and savior Mitch did …

Oh no, a 49.5 QBR! So if your two best players don’t perform in the playoffs, what do you do? You rebuild it’s an easy choice, so I say if your a bears fan you have to ask yourself, should we trade Mack and Mitch? Or you could hope you get lucky in the back end of the first round and pick a franchise changing player. Wait..what’s that? The bears don’t have a first round pick for 3 more years? Oh my. Thoughts and prayers bears fans, I hope the links below will cheer you up!

By: Brady Erickson

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