Did I kill Alabama?

I told you, hair always, always wins people! You go in for a job interview and your bald and I walk in I’m getting the job it’s just that simple. I knew the game was over when Tau walked out and had face paint like he was in the Vietnam jungle, and Lawrence knew he could put anything on that beautiful face.

Last week I put Nick Saban on my done list because he’s a sorry scum bag for kneeling with 90 seconds left at the 4 yard line when we needed one more point for the over. So this is Karma little Nick Saban, don’t cross me again and I’ll consider letting you win another national championship sometime in the next 10 years. I make the rules everyone else follows them this is how it works, PS ALL ABOARD THIS TRAIN WE ARE 8-2 THE LAST TWO DAYS FULL STEAM AHEAD!

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