A comeback story, and a funeral for the all who had the Cowboys -2.5! (Sunday picks)

Wow, what a long day of gambling my brain is soup right now. We started off heading down an awful path, but we held faith to finish 4-4-1 on the day, and cash in both FanDuel contests. The internet is going absolutely wild about the Seahawks going for two, down 4, and needing the onside kick. Everyone who had the Cowboys -2.5, or even -2 has full permission to quit gambling forever what an all time soul crusher when you factor in everything that happened. Moves the YTD record to 5-8-1 for bets and 3-0 cashing in duel.

These Sunday games should be pretty good but hard to bet. I was dead set on the Bears until Fitz posted the Bear weather article absolute battle in my brain all day and night on this pick. But when it comes down to it there’s no way the Bears lose this game and even don’t cover I’m hammering the Bears -6.5 and the 41.5 under in this game. The first game of the day is going to be under as well, honestly this game could be 9-6 and I wouldn’t be shocked so we’ll take the 44 under and the Chargers in a close one +2.5! Last pick we’ll do the Badgers traveling to Penn State where they never play well, pretty shocked it’s a pick em game right now so I’ll take the Badgers to get back on track.

Duel team

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