Enes Kanter can’t play in Knicks London Game

If you don’t know already, the Knicks head to London on January 17th to face the Washington Wizards. Why the NBA wants to promote basketball in London to get an expansion team there, really does not make sense to me, but okay. There is no reason an NBA game has to be played in London, but again, whatever.

And if you really don’t know, Enes Kanter has officially ruled himself OUT of this game. In fact, he won’t even be in attendance.

Yes, that is right. Kanter is afraid of Turkish spies, and rightfully so. The Turkish Government deemed that Enes Kanter’s father a part of a “terror group” member and gave him 15 years of jail time. Over the years, Kanter has been outspoken about this matter and talked extremely negative about the Turkish President,  Recep Erdogan. It’s gotten so bad in fact, that the President of Turkey ruled that if Enes returns to Turkey, he too, would receive jail time. However, since Enes is in the United States, what truly can they do to Enes? Nothing. And it’s not like Enes said anything bad. He’s defending his father and wants him out of jail, because his father is innocent (according to Enes).

However, this January 17th game is not played in the United States. It’s played in London. And England has no favors to pay Enes Kanter. So in fact, Turkey can march right into London, and either arrest or kill Enes Kanter if they want too. This is not a joke.

It’s sad it’s come to this. The fact the Enes can’t play in a game, is sad. The fact he can’t travel outside the United States, is sad. The fact that people can’t have a voice about their own country, without the fear of dying, is sad. And people will think Kanter is kidding or it’s a joke he’s not going to play in the game, it’s not just Kanter. First of all, why even risk it? And second of all, why even risk any of the Knicks players getting hurt if Kanter is with him? The security isn’t as tight in London, anything horrific can happen.

I just find it mind-boggling that we have a potential war that could happen if Enes Fucking Kanter played in a basketball game on January 17th. What a world we live in.

And now that I wrote this blog, I too, will be getting jail time if I step foot into Turkey. Fantastic.

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