I’m Brady, I’m new here and love to lose money, and Aaron Rodgers. Let’s party.

Quick little intro, I’m Brady Erickson originally from Wisconsin huge Packers, Bucks, and Badgers guy. I love to gamble, I often lose but I started my own little blog before this I’ll usually just post 5 picks a day and a DFS team.

Now that you’ve probably stopped reading I can give you my picks for the night. Pretty slow night since tomorrow is a huge day, I feel obligated to pick the Bucks game, I think the Bucks will win but -13.5 is a lot of points to cover when you live and die by the 3 so we’ll take ATL +13.5 , and fuck it why not take the under of 231 I never take the under, new year new me. We’ll go T-wolves -5 at home, KAT has literally been unstoppable lately and the Magic STINK. The college basketball slate actually makes me want to die, so we’ll do three more NBA games. I’m honestly surprised the Bulls are still allowed to NBA franchise, what they are doing to my slightly overweight friend Jabari Parker should be a Supreme Court case. Also the Pacers are very good so my mortal lock of the night is Pacers -6.5 on the road. I don’t know if in my entire life I’ve ever seen the Trail Blazers lose at home, all I think about is that game winner they hit on the Rockets in the playoffs like 6 years ago and I don’t think they’ve lost since so we’ll take them -1 at home. Those are the 5 picks I’ll post how I do everyday, ride or die with my brain.

I use FanDuel, so we all use fan duel, I make the rules you don’t I’m sorry. I do many leagues a night but I always start off with a $1 tournament so I’ll post that team. My top 3 plays are Trae Young at $6,600, Whiteside at $7,000 is a steal and Jaylen Brown revenge game as a dart at $4,500 with no Kyrie.

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