BREAKING: Wingspan Sports is Credentialed for Bears and Eagles game

Sticking with this weeks theme of google definitions, Credential seemingly means “something that gives a title to credit or confidence”. So saying that Wingspansports is “credentialed” for this game isn’t a lie, I have the confidence to attend this game as well as the confidence to say that THE BEARS ARE GOING TO WIN THIS GAME. After the feedback from yesterdays blog, I decided to say Fuck it and pull the trigger on a ticket to the game. A lifetime fan can’t miss games like these, especially now that I’m an actual Chicagoan. Quick shout out to Bob from Wingspan for helping cover ticket cost and also my two beautiful sisters for throwing their little brother a little cash to see his childhood team play. Thanks to those beautiful humans I didn’t have to pick between the gas bill or this playoff game. I’ll be catching the game in Section 429 Row 29, so if it decides to rain I’ll be the first person to know.

Image result for Section 429 Row 29

$400 later off of a sketchy website “TickPick” (unpaid advertisement plug) I locked in my seat for the game. They for sure aren’t box seats, but they’re seats to say the least. In 20 years when they ask “where were you when the Bears started their postseason Super Bowl run in 2019?” I can calmly respond with “section 429 Row 29 Bitch” and watch as they realize they’re in the midst of actual Fandom. Because lets be honest, at the end of the day whether you’re at the game or watching it on t.v. you’re still a fan (unless you’re like me, whose actually going to be at the game.. SUCKS TO SUCK). Stay tuned for a pre and post game blog on Sunday as well as a live video halftime update on the @wingspansports twitter.


BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Marcus Fitzpatrick

One comment

  1. Congratulations on getting credentials . I used to do work with the LA Kings and it was a dream come true for me to conduct interviews at practices and after the game in the visitors locker room .


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