Fan vs Finances

In no way is this blog supposed to been seen as a charity case, or someone looking for handouts. This blog is merely dedicated to one thing and one thing only “Fandom”. If you google fandom the definition is “the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something.” which in my opinion is the most boring definition I’ve read in some time. The Chicago Bears fall into that category of fandom for me, after being a fan for 22 years I’ve been fortunate to see some success from the Bears but mostly defeat. If I could travel back in time 12 years ago I would slap the smile off my 10 year old me after Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff in the Super Bowl. I survived the smoking Jay era and unlike most people he has gained a fan for life, love me some smoking Jay. I’ve been to two Bears games in my life and that’s not because I’m not a fan, it’s because ticket prices are so damn expensive. But now I’m a Chicago resident, and it feels like my obligation more than ever to just bite the bullet on a $200 playoff ticket vs the Eagles this Sunday. For anyone who doesn’t think $200 is a decent amount of money you can stop reading this. Meanwhile I’m sitting at work moving money around and calculating how I can make this happen after draining my bank account this past holiday season. Being a player means doing anything you can to help your team win, so doesn’t that mean a fan should be held accountable to the same standard? HELL YEAH IT DOES!!!! So here I am debating on whether I should eat cereal for the next two weeks and just buy a ticket. It’s been nine years since the Bears made the playoffs, I think I’d be a fucking idiot. Or do I save the money watch the game at home and pay off my gas bill that’s due today…..

By: Marcus Fitzpatrick

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