2019 National Championship Preview and Predictions

The time has come, The College Football Playoff National Championship, is finally here. After a pair of disappointing semi-final matchups the much expected championship will be Alabama vs Clemson for the 4th time in 4 years. Many people say this could be bad for college football but I think it’s good. Alabama and Clemson are with no doubt the 2 best teams in the nation so it should make for a great game. The past 3 matchups between these 2 teams have been twice in the national championship and once in the semi-final last year. Last year’s game was not as good as expected but the national championship games were both great so I expect to see a great game in Santa Clara on Monday night.

2019 National Championship

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (-6) vs #2 Clemson Tigers

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And just like I predicted in CFB Playoffs Preview and Predictions Alabama will take on Clemson for the National Championship. These 2 teams have much history with each other in recent years. If you told me this would be the National Championship back in August I would not be shocked and I don’t think anyone else would be either. There were many surprises throughout the whole year just no surprises with these 2 teams. After this game one team will finish 15-0 making them the first 15-0 team since the 1800’s which is crazy to think about. It looks like both of these teams had relatively easily schedules with not a lot of competition but I think it’s just a result of both Alabama and Clemson being so good not their opponents being bad. Many people may think it’s boring to watch the same two teams play again for the 4th straight year and don’t get me wrong in many cases it could be but with the talent these 2 schools produce I would sign up to watch them play every year. Both QB’s didn’t even play in last years game as Tua was still the backup to Jalen and Lawrence is a true freshman this year. With Lawrence being a true freshman it will definitely be interesting to see how he reacts to one of the best, if not the best defense in the nation. Trevor Lawrence did put up 30 points and a great game on Notre Dame so he can clearly handle the spotlight and we all know Tua can handle the spotlight so this QB matchup will be very interesting to watch. Another thing to watch will be both teams great defenses and especially the defensive line. As many of you know star defensive lineman, Dexter Lawrence, was suspended for the Notre Dame game and it is unknown if he will play vs Alabama but I don’t think it’s likely. Now to get into my predictions. Tons of people think Alabama is the best team in the nation and everyone else is just playing for second but I think Clemson is easily capable of beating Alabama and the game will be much closer than you may think. Alabama wins an amazing game, 38-35 OT win for Alabama and this team will go down as one of the best college teams of all time.

By Andrew Kalb


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