Reaction to 2018 CFB Semifinals

Yesterday was the 2 playoff semifinal games, #2 Clemson vs #3 Notre Dame and #1 Alabama vs #4 Oklahoma. These 2 games ended up pretty much how everyone thought they would but it has also sparked some conversation about the semifinal games being pointless. In the entire history of the playoff only 2 games have been decided by one possession. This stat certainly does not help the argument for an 8 team playoff but I still believe the playoff should be expanded. Now to get into each semifinal game.

Goodyear Cotton Bowl

Clemson 30, Notre Dame 3

If you read CFB Playoffs Preview and Predictions you would know that i predicted Clemson to win this game by a similar score, 38-17, I thought the Irish would put up more of a fight but I guess not. After this blowout by Clemson some people have went back in history to look at some of Notre Dame’s previous big bowl records and let’s just say they’re not very good. Notre Dame is 0-6 in their last 6 BCS or New year’s six bowls with an average margin of defeat by 24. That is just not a good look for the Irish. You have to put an undefeated Notre Dame team in the playoffs i mean what more can they possibly do but I think they will forever get beat up on in big games until they join a conference.

Capital One Orange Bowl

Alabama 45, Oklahoma 34

Just like the Clemson prediction I also predicted the outcome if this game by a very very similar score, 51-35, if Saban woulda scored a TD on that final drive, making it 52-35, I would have been only off by 2 total points on the final score. It is very clear that this Alabama team is on a whole different level than most teams they play and after this game it is just more proof of how good the Crimson Tide really is. Everyone is complaining over these games not being close enough but honestly both Clemson and Alabama are on another level than anyone else this year so no matter who these games were played against I think we would have seen similar scores. After both these games on saturday all I can say is who’s ready for Bama, Clemson part 4?

By Andrew Kalb


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