Will Justin Fields Transfer?

 After reading the title the answer is most likely yes but nothing is definite yet. Just this week rumors have broke that former 5 star recruit, Justin Fields, plans to transfer from the University of Georgia. Justin Fields was a former #2 overall recruit and #1 dual threat QB out of Kennesaw, GA. This seems to be becoming a very popular trend of college Quarterbacks transferring to new schools after being beat out for a job. Some people have a problem with this trend saying they should stay at the school but honestly I think this is a great new trend. This now gives many players a brand new chance at another school. Also many players commit to a school under a certain coach but if that coach is fired during a players tenard at the school they should be given an opportunity to transfer.

Speaking of QBs who have transferred due to being beat out of a job, if Fields transfers this will be the second QB who Jake Fromm has forced to transfer. After Jacob Eason went down with an injury Fromm came in for Georgia and led the Bulldogs to the playoffs so Eason was told he wasn’t going to get his job back and eventually went on to transfer to Washington. I think the best decision for Fields would be to transfer because Fromm will most likely play another year at Georgia so Fields would only have 2 years to play at Georgia.

After these transferring rumors surfaced many other rumors surfaced such as his potential schools he would like to go to. I’ve seen many lists of schools and I’m not sure if any are correct but the most common ones i’ve seen are Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida State, Penn State, and Alabama.

Ohio State

The front runner as of now seems to be Ohio State but with Urban Meyer retiring I’m not sure how Fields would like this situation.


Oklahoma University has looked to be a QB factory as of lately with the last 2 Heisman winners being Oklahoma QB’s. So with a high powered offense and a great coach this could potentially be the best fit for Fields.

Florida State

As of recently FSU has not been the powerhouse they once were but this school could potentially be a powerhouse again. This may not be the best fit as of now for Fields but you never know what he’ll want.

Penn State

With Trace Mcsorley graduating this year it may look to most people like the QB job in Happy Valley is open but some people don’t know about Tommy Stevens. I’m a huge fan of Stevens but this is too much to get into right now so all I have to say is this job may not look as open as it seems and this wouldn’t be a good fit for Fields.


I mean who wouldn’t want to go to Bama to get a quick easy championship but if Fields is looking to play he would be stuck behind Tua and would pretty much be transferring from one side of the SEC to the other with the same situation.

By Andrew Kalb


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