Matt Harvey Signs with the Angels

According to sources, Matt Harvey has signed a 1 year deal worth $11 Million with the Los Angeles Angels. The deal could be worth up to $14 million, if Harvey performs well.

Being the biggest Matt Harvey fan in the world, I always said to myself, if Harvey wasn’t a Met, I would want him to be on the Angels. I don’t know if it’s because the Angels were the first team that drafted him out of High School, or if I enjoy the Angels organization, or if I can easily picture Harvey in an Angels jersey. Either way, I am happy that he is on the Angels.

I have a few opinions on this deal for both Harvey and the Angels. The first opinion is that I love it. Plain and simple, I just think it’s a good match.

Listen, on paper, this is a match made in Heaven. The Angels needed a front end starter and Matt Harvey, plain and simple, needed a place to pitch. The Angels need to start solidifying a rotation and Harvey helps that. Harvey pitched to a 7-7 record with a 4.50 ERA with the Reds. Obviously, not the best and probably the numbers of a 4-5 starters, but Harvey had stretches where he looked like the old Matt Harvey. If he could string those together, throughout an entire year, this will be a beneficial signing for the Angels.

Put it this way, Matt Harvey isn’t the 2012, 2013 or 2015 Matt Harvey. But he’s not gonna be the 2016 or 2017 Matt Harvey either. He had a full year to get things right with the Reds and he succeeded. That’s a big boost of confidence for Matt going forward. If he has an ERA in the area of 3.3-3.6, that’s very good for the Angels.

This Angels team needs pitching for Mike Trout. Give Trout a guy who isn’t afraid to go out there every night, in the big moment and fear no lineup. You get that with Matt Harvey. If the Angels can build on this signing and get another quality starter, this team will be competitive.

For Harvey, being in Los Angles is a lot different than New York. LA isn’t as hard, it’s not as cut-throat and the lights don’t shine as bright. Harvey has a good organization, with a generational talented player around him, with a chance to redeem his career, he will be fine on the West Coast.

Overall, a very good deal for the Angels and a very good deal for Matt Harvey. I can see this being a very successful partnership. Matt Harvey is the type of guy the Angels need.

ps: How Scott Boras got Matt Harvey $14 million after those last 2 years is incredible. This man is a God that finesses every team.

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