Kansas vs Villanova Rapid Reactions

It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t easy, but Kansas pulled out another victory.

Sound familiar? It should. Because that has been the MO for the Kansas basketball season so far. Every game has been a close one and honestly, except for, well none of them. Even the Wofford game, the Terriers were winning in the second half.

But today, I wanted this one. I wanted today. We had to exercise our Villanova demons. We should’ve won the title in 2016, but the refs bailed out Villanova by fouling out Devonte for a garbage call at the end. Villanova was a better team than us last year in the Final 4, but honestly if Nova plays like how they did against Texas Tech in the Elite 8 than how they played against us in the Final 4, we probably win that game and beat Michigan.

So, obviously today’s game didn’t have the same implications and there was only one player on Kansas that was on both teams (Lagerald Vick). Whole different teams, and players who weren’t on those teams. But anyway, it’s still the same schools and I wanted to win this one, and yet again, we win another close one.

Rapid Reactions:

We have all the depth in the world, but it doesn’t matter when only 2 guys can score the basketball. Grimes, KJ, and Charlie Moore need to start asserting themselves more on offense

– Grimes needs to get out of this funk. I will never bask a freshman going through a difficult time, but there has to be a game where Grimes goes off. We won’t win anything if Grimes isn’t playing up to his standard. Oubre struggled his freshman year and then had a 23 & 10 game to close out non-conference play. Grimes needs a big game, and fast.

– Devon Dotson is REALLY good. More and more I love how Devon Dotson plays the game and carry’s himself. Calm, cool and collective. Smart with the basketball, makes the right plays. Perfect Point Guard for this team.

– Dedric Lawson is the NPOY (right now) and Lagerald Vick should be right behind him. I mean, what more can you say about these guys? They are literally carrying this Kansas team. Vick poured in 29 points and 7 rebounds today and Dedric scored 28 points and 12 rebounds. The two of them scored 77% of Kansas points. Without these 2, Kansas isn’t even a Top 25 team, never-mind #1.

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