LeBron James “Here our The Garden

Honestly, when the Mets are about to trade Noah Syndergaard to the Yankees, I did not need this at this hour.

LeBron James and Dwayne Wade just shared the court one last time as NBA players. Of course, media, cameras and microphones would be all over the place as the two met up to talk after the game.

And of couuurrrsseeee, we get this.


LeBron literally proclaiming it was the Lakers or the KNICKS. So is LeBron saying that he was THIS close to signing with the Knicks.

Honestly, I hate everything.

Do you know how many of my life problems would be solved if LeBron was in a Knicks jersey. Hint, it’s all of them.

I blame Phil Jackson for this. If LeBron didn’t hate him so much, I really believe he’s a New York Knick. And I get Phil’s fine, but the way the organization treated one of LeBrons best friends, Carmelo Anthony, there was no way he was coming here.

I said it from the beginning, of LeBron won a title for the Knicks, there would be absolutely no doubt he’d be the greatest of all time and pass Jordan. Who cares if you win a title in LA? Everyone has done that. Means literally nothing.

I wanna absolutely scream, cry, and just laugh at the same tome. I hate everything.

Thanks a lot LeBron. Selfish.

*still love you though*

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