Thanks for Everything, Wilmer


Actual tears. Today, us Mets fans got the worse news ever. No, we haven’t sold our entire team for Robinson Cano yet. Today is a day that will live in Mets infamy.

Wilmer Flores has been non-tendered and will be a Free Agent.

Translation, Wilmer won’t be a Met anymore.

Yes, this is incredibly sad. Throughout our entire franchise history, it was rare when a player showed so much emotion about being a Met. As much as I love this franchise as a fan, we’re a dumpster fire. Fans know it, players know it, owners know it, and the MLB knows it. It’s not a secret. But Wilmer Flores didn’t care. He LOVED being a Met and we know this by that July week in 2015.

To this day, this was one of my favorite Mets moments of all time.

And we all know the next part of the story.

Wilmer will always be the man. Heart and soul of the Mets those years. Good ball player, incredible person. We’ll miss you Wilmer. Best of luck.

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