Power Ranking everything about Entourage

After watching Entourage for, I don’t know, the 23rd time, I figured I want to Power Rank everything I saw throughout the series. The greatest series known to man. If you remember, I once wrote the appropriate ending to Friday Night Lights, and you can read that here. So, if you are an Entourage (or FNL) fan, you have stumbled across the right page.

#TheSpan writers who are Power Rankings this is Joe and Mike Ryan. You can find our twitters at the end of the blog. We are experts in all things Entourage, so all these Power Rankings are correct, FYI. So, we’re going to try and Power Rank everything we can.

Worst Characters:


  1. Dom

I understand he was needed to show the 4 main characters’ roots from back in Queens, but when you re-watch Entourage, the Dom episodes make you cringe. A must skip.

  1. Ashley

Season 6 would’ve been absolutely perfect if it didn’t have Ashley in it. Annoying, crazy, a bitch, and honestly, not even a smoke.

  1. Josh Weinstein

That high pitch voice, annoying character, little bitch boy can get right off my screen. Hard Pass but not worse than that others.

Best Supporting Characters:


  1. Lloyd

No brainer on this one. Lloyd was a fan favorite. Him and the Ari Gold duo is one of the best all time. Entourage is not what it is without Lloyd Lee. Awesome character.

  1. Billy Walsh

Slam dunk, homerun character in this Entourage series. Everything about Billy Walsh was perfect. Coked out of his mind, little crazy, but an absolute genius filmmaker.

  1. Sloan

If you’re an Entourage fan and didn’t like Sloan, you’re an idiot. There were times where I liked Sloan better than E, because E was so damn stupid.

Best Episodes


  1. One Day in the Valley (Season 3A, Episode 2)

I can re-watch this episode all day. This episode was PERFECTLY written for all 5 of the main characters. This episode had it all. An absolute banger.

  1. The Sundance Kids (Season 2, Episode 7)

The first episode not filmed in LA and it was an absolute banger. You had the whole James Cameron plot, was he going to offer Vinny Aquaman or not? We had the first instance of Harvey vs the Boys and this was also a PEAK Drama and Turtle episode as they “crossed swords”. Unbelievable ep.

  1. Give a Little Bit (Season 6, Episode 12)

There could’ve been an actual argument that Entourage could’ve ended right after this episode. It was that good. And it seemed like everyone found their closure. E and Sloan are FINALLY engaged and happy together. Turtle and Jaime broke up, which sucked, but at least Turtle found his freedom and closure. Drama got his holding deal and Vinny was on easy street as one of the best moviestars in the world. The gang was going to be alright. But also in this episode, you had a peak Ari performance. Hi negotiating the deal with Terrance was laugh out loud dunny. And then you get Ari going into Terrance’s office terminator style, sealing everyone’s fates, especially Lloyd and that Adam Davies. Tears in my eyes every time.

Best Storylines


  1. Vinny and Aquaman

He had it. Then he didn’t have it. Then had it and then didn’t. Was he ever going to get it? We all knew that Aquaman was going to change the boys lives forever, but when James Cameron walked out on Queens Blvd after 10 minutes, we thought he was never going to get it. When Cameron surprised us all and said that was all he needed to see, and Vinny got the job, it was a glorious moment on top of that mountain.

  1. E and Sloan

They were together, then they weren’t, then they were, then they weren’t. Snip-snap, snip-snap, snip-snap. And then they finally were. The whole E and Sloan relationship was one big Rollercoaster. They should’ve just had them stay together after season 6 and call it at that.

  1. Turtle making it for himself

If anyone came out a big winner in season 7, it was Turtle. Finally, after 6 seasons of Entourage, Turtle found himself a purpose in life and made a name for himself with the Tequila company. It was nice to see Turtle form from this fat, funny, loser, to a skinny, still funny, millionaire.

Worst Storyline


  1. Vince and the drug problem

There was only one REALLY bad storyline and that was Vince getting addicted to drugs. I didn’t see a purpose with this. Vince never showed any drug problems throughout the entire show and he was never really influenced by one girl. So why was that thrown on us with the Sasha Gray?

Best Seasons


  1. Season 2
  2. Season 3a
  3. Season 4
  4. Season 3b
  5. Season 6
  6. Season 8
  7. Season 1
  8. Season 5
  9. Season 7

Best Main Characters


Oh, here we GO! I don’t want to rank these 5. They’re all great and they all worked so well together. They were the best 5 in TV history. If they added one or took away one, Entourage is not what it is. They were all phenomenal.

So instead, I’m just going to post the best clips of each character (in no order).

Johnny Drama


Vinny Chase











Ari Gold





Okay, FINE, I’ll Power Rank them, but if you don’t like them, you must follow @WingspanSports on twitter and we can debate there.

  1. Ari Gold.
  2. Johnny Drama
  3. Turtle
  4. E
  5. Vinny Chase




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