My Updated Top 10: Week 10

Make sure to read My Updated Top 10: Week 9 before reading this. Week 10 is in the books and this may have been the most important week of the season so far. There were a couple games this week that had playoff implications and conference championship implications and some even had both but all in all week 10 was a great week of football. After this week we have a better look at who is a for real playoff contender and who is not. With this being said let’s get into how my top 10 looks after this weekend of games.

11599197l#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (9-0)

Last week: 29-0 W vs #3 LSU

This Alabama team looks to be one of the best Alabama teams we’ve ever seen. With such a talented QB like Tua I think you can lock Alabama into the playoffs at this point in the season. LSU played a good game and still lost 29-0, That’s how good this team is.

clemson_tigers_1977-pres_s#2 Clemson Tigers (9-0)

Last week: 77-16 W vs Louisville

Clemson completely routed the Louisville cardinals this weekend by putting up 77 on them. This Clemson team is also maybe one of the best Clemson teams we’ve ever seen and also look to be a lock for the playoffs so far this season.

1138px-Notre_Dame_Fighting_Irish_logo.svg#3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (9-0)

Last week: 31-21 W vs Northwestern

This game was closer than expected but Northwestern is actually a very good team for an unranked team. The Irish are the only ones who affect their path to the playoffs and all they need to do is win out to make it in.

1280px-Michigan_Wolverines_logo.svg #4 Michigan Wolverines (8-1)

Last week: 42-7 W vs #14 Penn State

Oh baby this Michigan team just gets better and better as they play. The Wolverines have officially moved into the final playoff spot at #4. They can easily stay inside the playoff talk if they continue to play they way they have been. Michigan controls their own destiny and all they need to do is win and they make it into the playoffs.

Unknown#5 Georgia Bulldogs (8-1)

Last week: 34-17 W vs #9 Kentucky

Georgia is another one of the teams who if they win out they can make the playoffs but that means they would have to get past Alabama. This Georgia team is very good but I think Alabama is much better and they would have no shot at beating the Crimson Tide.

lsu-football-png-free-bruce-and-albert-xs-and-os-1600#6 LSU Tigers (7-2)

Last week: 29-0 L vs Alabama

This is a very good LSU team who shocked the world this season but after this loss to Alabama, in which they played a great game, the Tigers playoff hopes look to be very slim at this point as they no longer will play in the SEC championship and already have 2 losses. LSU would need a lot of help to sneak into the playoffs this year.

Unknown (1)#7 Oklahoma Sooners (8-1)

Last week: 51-46 W vs Texas Tech

The Sooners keep getting better and better after their loss to Texas. Kyler Murray looks like he’s going to carry this Sooners team to the Big 12 championship and possibly even the playoffs. Oklahoma would need some help to make the playoffs but not much if they can keep winning.

2000px-West_Virginia_Mountaineers_logo.svg#8 West Virginia Mountaineers (7-1)

Last week: 42-41 W vs #17 Texas

After losing to Iowa State a couple weeks ago this West Virginia team looks to be very good. The Mountaineers will most likely get to the Big 12 championship and will need some help if they want to make the playoffs.

2000px-Ohio_State_Buckeyes_logo.svg#9 Ohio State Buckeyes (8-1)

Last week: 36-31 W vs Nebraska

I’m not a big fan of this Ohio State team but after the top 6 or 7 the teams kinda fall off from there. The Buckeyes will not need help to make the playoffs but they would still need to win out. Winning out would mean they would have to beat Michigan and in my opinion I just don’t see that happening.

kentucky_wildcats_2016-pres#10 Kentucky Wildcats (7-2)

Last week: 34-17 L vs #6 Georgia

Kentucky suffered a tough loss this weekend as their playoff hopes were crushed. Coming into the season I don’t think anyone expected this team to perform on this level. The Wildcats played a good game vs Georgia but Georgia is just a much better team then Kentucky so in my opinion they never really had a shot.

After week 10 there were no teams who moved out of my top 10.

By Andrew Kalb


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