My Updated Top 10: Week 9

Make sure to read My Updated Top 10: Week 8 before reading this. Not much happened this week with only a couple ranked vs ranked games, only one game of top 10 vs top 10 and tons of bye weeks for top 10 teams. With the season slowly coming to an end this week marks the first college football rankings on Tuesday at 7. With these rankings we will get to see what the committee actually thinks of each team. Let’s get into how my top 10 looks after 9 weeks of football.

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (8-0)11599197l

Last week: Bye

Bama was on a bye this week and takes on #4 LSU next week.

#2 Clemson Tigers (8-0)clemson_tigers_1977-pres_s

Last week: 59-10 W vs Florida State

The first couple weeks of the season Clemson did not look like anything crazy after almost losing to Texas A&M but it looks like that has drastically changed. The Tigers of Clemson have taken 2 dominant wins in back to back weeks vs NC State and Florida State. Clemson looks to be heavy favorites to win the ACC and make the playoffs with no problem.

#3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (8-1138px-Notre_Dame_Fighting_Irish_logo.svg0)

Last week: 44-22 W vs Navy

Notre Dame traveled all theway to San Diego to take on Navy and came home with a win. This Irish team looks to be serious playoff contenders as they control their own destiny as of now. If the Irish win out they will definitely make their way into the playoffs.

#4 LSU Tigers (7-1)lsu-football-png-free-bruce-and-albert-xs-and-os-1600

Last week: Bye

The Tigers of LSU were on a bye this week and take on #1 Alabama next weekend

#5 Michigan Wolverines (7-1)1280px-Michigan_Wolverines_logo.svg

Last week: Bye

Michigan was on a bye this week and take on Penn State next weekend

#6 Oklahoma Sooners (7-1)Unknown (1)

Last week: 51-14 W vs Kansas State

The Sooners look to be back on track for a playoff run after suffering a loss to Texas a couple weeks ago. If the Sooners can keep playing like this you should expect to see them in the Big 12 Championship game in December.

#7 Georgia Bulldogs (7-1)Unknown

Last week: 36-17 W vs #9 Florida

The Bulldogs found the best way possible to bounce back from the LSU loss 2 weeks ago and that was to put a beating on the Florida Gators and take control of the SEC East. The game was closer than the score says but the Bulldogs did play better than the Gators taking a huge win for Georgia.

#8 Ohio State Buckeyes (7-1)2000px-Ohio_State_Buckeyes_logo.svg

Last week: Bye

The Buckeyes were on a bye this week and take on Nebraska next weekend.

#9 West Virginia Mountaineers (7-1)2000px-West_Virginia_Mountaineers_logo.svg

Last week: 58-14 W vs Baylor

The Mountaineers have found their way back into the top 10. After a loss from Texas giving them 2 Big 12 losses it opens up serious opportunity for West Virginia as of now.

#10 Kentucky Wildcats (7-1)kentucky_wildcats_2016-pres

Last week: 15-14 W vs Mizzou

This is the first time Kentucky has made my top 10 this year. Kentucky no longer looks to be only a basketball school as they are 2nd in the SEC East as of now. Kentucky take on Georgia next week where we can see if this team is actual contenders for the SEC East.

Teams who have dropped out of My Top 10

Florida Gators

The Gators put up a good fight against the Bulldogs on Saturday afternoon at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. The score does not look like the Gators had any chance but they did play a good game but unfortunately they didn’t come out on top. Now with 2 losses on the season this moves the Gators out of my top 10.

Texas Longhorns

After suffering a huge loss to Oklahoma State this Texas team’s playoff hopes look to be fading away. A 2 loss Big 12 champion in Texas may not be enough to make the playoffs with all the great teams this year. This loss really hurts Texas’ season.

By Andrew Kalb

* Gold Coloring symbolizes the teams in playoff spots

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