My Updated Top 10: Week 8

Make sure to read My Updated Top 10: Week 7 before reading this. Another great week of college football is behind us as we are pretty much half way through the season at this point. Coming into week 8 I did not think it would be a very eventful week with only a couple ranked vs ranked games and a few top teams on a bye but it turned out that was not the case. Let’s see how my top 10 looks after week 8.

#1 Alabama Crimson Tide (8-0) 

Last week: 58-21 W vs Tennessee

It looks like I was wrong about Ohio State being better than Alabama but Alabama is still yet to play a top tier team this year. They clearly look like the best team but I want to see them prove it against a top 10 team. They will be able to prove themselves against LSU in Death Valley on November 3rd where both teams will likely both be ranked inside the top 10.

#2 Clemson Tigers (7-0)

Last week: 41-7 W vs NC State

This was a huge win for Clemson this weekend. Many people though this Clemson team is overrated and they would lose to NC State. The Tigers put a beating on NC State and showed why they are the #2 team in the nation.

#3 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-0)

Last week: Bye

Notre Dame did not play this weekend as they were on a bye and they take on Navy next week.

#4 LSU Tigers (7-1)

Last week: 19-3 W vs Mississippi State

If the season was to end today the Tigers are placed in the last playoff spot and the 2nd SEC team in the playoffs. This LSU team looks to be very dominant this year and I believe the Florida loss was a fluke they will most definitely put up a fight against Bama on November 3rd.

#5 Michigan Wolverines (7-1)

Last week: 21-7 W vs #24 Michigan State

Michigan has moved up 1 spot from last week after a huge win against rival Michigan State. With Ohio State’s loss and Michigan’s win it now puts Michigan in the driver’s seat for the B1G TEN and I highly believe a 1 loss B1G TEN champion Michigan will be given the chance to make the playoffs.

#6 Texas Longhorns (6-1)

Last Week: Bye

The Longhorns improve by 1 spot after being on a bye. The longhorns take on Oklahoma State next week.

#7 Ohio State Buckeyes (7-1)

Last week: 49-20 L vs Purdue

Ohio State has moved down 6 spots from last week after this tough loss. It looks like I was wrong about Ohio State being so dominant. With this being a B1G TEN loss it really hurts Ohio State’s chances at the playoffs.

#8 Oklahoma Sooners (7-1)

Last week: 52-27 W vs TCU

The Sooners have made their way back into the top 10 with this win. The Sooners do not look like they will be making a run for the playoffs anymore with all the great teams in spots 1-6  but they are still a top 10 team as of now.

#9 Georgia Bulldogs (6-1)

Last week: Bye

The Bulldogs are right where they were last week at the #9 spot. Georgia did not play this weekend but will take on the Florida Gators next weekend which should be a great game.

#10 Florida Gators (6-1)

Last week: Bye

This is the first time the Gators have made an appearance on my top 10 list. Although they were on a bye this week, 2 weeks ago they managed to take down #5 LSU so that puts them in the #10 spot as of now.

Teams who have dropped out of My Top 10

UCF Knights

The knights are obviously undefeated but they do not play any good teams so whos to know just how good they really are. If the Knights were to play any team inside the top 10 I think they would get blown out so that moves them out of my top 10.

Oregon Ducks

After a huge win 2 weeks ago vs Washington the Ducks suffered a huge loss this weekend to Washington State. Now with a loss from Oregon and Washington it looks like the PAC-12 will most likely not be getting into the playoffs.

By Andrew Kalb

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