Why Jimmy Butler Staying with the Wolves Could be a Good Thing

When the Wolves first traded for Jimmy Butler, I was ecstatic. The Wolves were bringing in an All-NBA player to get over the 14 year hump. And we all know what I’m talking about with that.

And then the season started. The Wolves were actually doing better than expected and were on pace to be the 3rd seed in the West. Forget not making the playoffs, the Wolves had a legitimate shot of going deep into the playoffs. The season was bright and the future was even brighter. But then, nighttime fell and it fell hard.


The injury to Jimmy Butler was detrimental to the promising Wolves season. The team struggled without Butler, and while Wiggins and KAT kept the team afloat, the Wolves fell further and further down in the Western Conference standings. The west was so close, seeds 3-10 were all separated by 2.5 games. And by the time Butler got back, the Wolves were in danger of missing the playoffs.

However, we all know the ending to the regular season. Butler returned, it came down to Game 82 vs the Nuggets. Winner gets in, loser goes home.

In one helluva game, the Wolves prevailed after clutch free throws from Andrew Wiggins.


And yes, the Wolves competed against the Rockets. They only went 5 games, but for the most part, they were right there in all of them. As it was disappointing to only get the 8 seed and lose in 5, it showed that the Wolves would be back.


And then the chaos happened. Butler didn’t fly home with the team after Game 5, his frustration grew and then the pettiness of the NBA took over.

You can read about all of that here, and everything that lead us to today.

And also right here.


And then Shams dropped this bomb.


So, as of right now, it looks like Butler will rejoin the Timberwolves and after all the mess that happened, I think this could be a very good thing for the Wolves.

At first, I didn’t like Butler and what he was doing. I thought he thought to much about himself. Thought he was better than the team. But, then I watched the interview with Rachel Nichols and my mind changed.



And you know what? He’s right.

Did he go about it the right way? Hell no. But it was needed.

I’m the biggest Andrew Wiggins fan in the world and i’ll defend his game until the day I die. Do I feel that he is underappreciated? Absolutely. But that’s not what I’m here to say.

So know that my favorite player is Wiggins and what I’m about to say is as unbiased and truthful as it comes.

KAT and Wiggins need Jimmy Butler.

KAT and Wiggins need that mindset that he has. He’s right. KAT is the best player. Wiggins has the most god given talent. It was wrong the way he did it, and he knows that but he’s right, you have to be honest. This team can win if they click. Like they can actually win a title (with a different coach). Wiggins and KAT need that type of energy and heart.
This team was the THREE seed in a loaded Western Conference. They have the talent to win. If they can put it all together now, especially after everyone being brutally honest with each other, I think everyone on the Wolves gets better. I really do.
This was a major reality check for everyone. From the owner down to the 15th man. You can’t win unless you have your brothers back. And the Wolves have the talent to win. And they still can win, if they’re honest with each other, have the right mindset and finally play together.
When this is all said and done, Butler knew what he was doing. He understands to get the most out of KAT and Wiggins is to push them harder than they’ve ever been pushed because talent alone doesn’t win NBA titles.
I think the Wolves are going to be one, complete unit now. I know, call me crazy, just my thoughts.
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