A farewell to the Captain

To David Wright today symbolizes closure. To Mets fans it feels as if its end of an era.

Tonight as we get to watch Wright suit up for the Mets one last time it’s hard not too feel sadness but true happiness.

Happiness in that despite the spinal stenosis, shoulder surgery, and neck surgery, David Wright will be batting third and playing third base for the New York Mets. Two and a half years since he last played a professional baseball game, Wright will be in the starting lineup.

With just two remaining at bats in his career Wright will walk away as a Mets legend. The final way to cap off tonight’s ceremonial goodbye should be to retire his #5 immediately as he walks off the field.

Instead Wright, in full uniform, will join the Gary, Keith and Ron in the both in full uniform after he departs the game.

Wright was the franchise icon an a perfect player to be the teams captain. A loyal, homegrown star who sacrificed millions in his prime to see the Mets rebuild through was rewarded with a World Series berth in 2015.

And what a moment we got..

David Wright will walk off the field tonight being the best Mets player in the teams history. Had for his body not betraying him and if the injuries didn’t hit, he was tracking for a Hall of Fame type career.

During an 8 year stretch from 2006-2013, Wright was named an All Star seven times, had four top 10 MVP finishes, won two Golden Gloves, and won Two Silver Sluggers.

Wright’s stats during that time? 181 home runs, 734 RBI, 1,305 hits, 713 runs, 160 steals, with a .301 batting average, .384 on base percentage, and a .503 slugging percentage.

The sendoff Wright is receiving tonight is well deserved. He’s going out on his terms and seems to be at peace with himself knowing he gave everything he could one last time to try and make it back.

The consistent hard work and dedication to the franchise was all Wright ever did.

Moments like


Even Wright’s moments playing for Team USA was special:


David Wright will be truly missed in a Mets uniform and around baseball. Nobody bled orange and blue and for the game more than Wright did.

A class act through and through, we should all hope Wright goes out tonight and gets a hit in his last two at bats.

There’s nothing #5 deserves more.

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