A Fitzpatrick’s take on Fitzmagic

(Please take this unbiased blog with a grain of salt)

I still remember the first time I heard Ryan Fitzpatrick’s name announced on television, I was about 12 years old and I immediately did what any 12 year old would do and asked my dad if “Ryan Fitzpatrick was his long lost brother or somehow related to us.” Of course he wasn’t but that didn’t stop me from following the fellow Irishman’s career with great interest.

I don’t know if other people in this world take more interest in pro athletes that have the same last name as them, but Fitzpatrick is kind of unique and I have always taken fandom in these players. With Winston being out the first three games of this year, Fitzpatrick got the starting job and he decided to run with it. Tampa is a surprisingly 2-1 to start the season and is currently on top of the NFC South Standings. Nobody gave Fitzpatrick an ounce of hope before the season started, all the experts predicted they would be 0-3 when Winston returned. HAHAHAHA, Fitzpatrick turned into Fitzmagic and decided to throw for 1,230 yards, 11 tds, and just 4 int. At the end of the 3rd game, his QBR is at 124.8%. Those are some not fucking around numbers right there, and yes I know he has done shit like this in the past but are the Buc’s really going to go back to Winston Week 4? Most of the experts say they should go back to their top draft pick, but not me.

Look at the stats people, Jameis threw for 19 tds in 13 games last year and had a respectable QBR of 92%. Fitzpatrick has only played 3 total games in 2018 and he is only 8 td throws short of what Winston put up in 13 total games. If Desean Jackson believes in the Fitzmagic, then why can’t we all? The Buc’s would be stupid to start Winston this week in Chicago, who the fuck wants their first start back to be against Kahlil Mack and that defense? I for sure wouldn’t. If I’m the Buc’s, I’d start Fitzmagic and see how he handles the Bears defense in the first half. If he has 3 picks and zero touchdowns, then throw Winston in. But if he digs deep and find some more Magic, then the Buc’s could be sitting 3-1 and the experts will really be wondering what the fuck is going on down in Tampa.

(Also “Fitzmagix has been my username on social media for over 3 years, Instagram and Twitter so don’t think I stole that from my Uncle Ryan, technically he stole the magic from me)

By: Marcus Fitzpatrick

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