We’re Back: Monsters of the Midway


Last night the Bears defeated the Seahawks 24-17 under the lights of Soldier Field, and I’d be lying if I didn’t start off saying “OUR DEFENSE IS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOD”. Last night our defense looked like they were straight out of 2006, and instead of Brian Urlacher leading the charge it’s that bad man Kahlil Mack wearing #52. If you don’t have a Mack jersey by now, I’d be searching the depths of AliExpress or run to your nearest sporting goods store because for all we know Chicago might be sold out in less than 24 hours.

The Bears had Russell Wilson running around for his life last night, after recording 5 sacks in the FIRST HALF. The defense was firing on all cylinders, just like last week against the Pack they looked unstoppable in the first 30 minutes. To top off a great defensive performance in the second half  Prince Amukamara had a 49 yard pick six that put the Bears up 2 touchdowns with 6:37 left in the fourth quarter.

I decided to watch the second half of the game at a bar in Northbrook downing a few Michelob Ultra’s and when that pick six happened you would of thought the Cubs won the world series again. I haven’t seen people get this into Bears football since I was in middle school. On the other side of the ball, the offense still has room for improvement. Trubisky ended 24 of 34 for 200 yards and threw 2 picks, one was his fault and the other was just shit that happens on the football field. He still looks like a rookie out there, but god damn did he have a couple nice throws. Trubisky can only improve, and once he gets used to being settled in the pocket and isn’t looking to run the ball as much I promise we will see him flourish in Nagy’s system.

Last but not least, if you’re a Bears fan and you’re not having fun watching this college style offense Nagy has been running then please, just stop watching the games. The jet sweeps and play action passes are shit we haven’t EVER seen in Chicago and I’m honestly eating up every last bit of it. It’s one word EXCITING, and if there’s anything better than watching football, it’s watching exciting football. The Bears take on Arizona next week and I’m hoping for a full out blood bath, I want to see Trubisky with 2 tds and the defense tacking on another 2. You heard it here first, Bears are ending the season 10-6 and I’ll be riding that statement till the day I die. Things are looking up in the Windy City, and if I were the Vikings and Packers I’d be getting a little worried about those Monsters of the Midway.

By: Marcus Fitzpatrick

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