Heisman Watch Week 3

Make sure to read Heisman Watch: Week 2 before you read this. Another week of college football and this week has been the start of some real competition for some teams who have yet to play anyone great so far. Another storyline of the week was hurricane Florence that hit around the carolina area and canceled some games which had players of Heisman potential playing in those games. Let’s get into how some big name players performed this weekend. (in no specific order)

Will Grier, QB, West Virginia

Unfortunately Grier and West virginia did not get to play this weekend due to hurricane Florence but Grier is obviously still at the top of many peoples Heisman list.

Khalil Tate, QB, Arizona

One of the top Heisman hopefuls coming into this year and in my opinion he is already out of the Heisman conversation. Tate had terrible games the first 2 weeks and although he did actually have a good game this week I still think he’s out of the conversation. Against Southern Utah Tate had 349 passing yards and 5 touchdowns but any other Heisman hopeful could have done that and even more against a team like Southern Utah.

Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Murrays first road game as the starting QB and boy did he impress. The Sooners traveled to Iowa State, who they lost to last year, and came out with a 37-27 win. Murray recorded 3 touchdowns and 348 yards in the win at Iowa State.

Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia

Another easy win for the Bulldogs vs Middle Tennessee winning by a score of 49-7. Fromm didn’t play every snap since it was such a blowout but he did still put up some efficient numbers. Fromm completed 10 of 12 passes while also adding 128 passing yards and 3 touchdowns.


Trace Mcsorley, QB, Penn State

After almost losing week 1 vs Appalachian State Mcsorley and Penn State have been nothing but amazing so far. Mcsorley had 5 touchdowns and 229 passing yards in a 63-10 win over Kent State.

Bryce Love, RB, Stanford

An undisclosed injury kept Love off the field for the game vs UC Davis. Love is going to have to put up some big numbers when he comes back if he wants to stay in the Heisman talk.

Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin

Not the game Taylor would have wished for but everyone is going to have some off days. Taylor had no touchdowns and only 117 yards in a 24-21 loss to BYU. Taylor is talented enough to bounce back from this and still have a shot at the trophy.

Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

Another big win for Tua and Alabama beating Ole Miss 62-7. In the win on saturday night Tua put up 191 yards and 2 touchdowns. Not exactly an amazing performance but Tua’s time was limited since Saban didn’t play him the whole game since it was such a blowout.


Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

Haskins lead the Buckeyes to a big win over TCU on Saturday night. In the win Haskins recorded 3 total touchdowns and 344 yards. If Haskins and the Buckeyes can keep things rolling they look to be heavy favorites in the B1G TEN.

Ed Oliver, DT, Houston

The Houston defense got absolutely lit up by Texas Tech letting up 63 points in a 63-49 shootout loss. Although they let up an astronomical amount of points Oliver still had a good game. Oliver recorded 4 solo tackles, 6 total tackles and 1 tackle for loss.

I haven’t done this for any other Heisman Watches so far because it was too early to tell who is really worthy of winning the Heisman but since its week 3 and most conference play is starting soon I believe it’s the perfect time to figure out who is really worthy of winning the trophy so for now on I will give my top 3 front runners for the Heisman for that week. And after 3 weeks of games (2 for some teams) here is my top 3 in order from 1-3.

1 – Will Grier, QB, West Virginia

2 – Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

3 – Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

By Andrew Kalb

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