Jimmy Butler undecided on future with Twolves

Thanks Shams for ruining my Football weekend. You couldn’t wait until Monday for this?

Tom Thibodeau is the worst coach in the entire world and it amazes me how he still has a job in the NBA. I honestly believe, Thibs couldn’t successfully coach a mid-major college basketball team, never mind a top 4 talented team in the West.

Who blames Jimmy Butler in this situation? What kind of roster is Thibs building here? He’s bringing back a roster from 2011 that didn’t even make an NBA Finals. A roster from 2011 !! I’ll say that again. 2011 !!!! We’re heading into 2019. Most these guys who Thibs is bringing back, last year in their prime was 2011. What kind of roster construction is this? And I get that Thibs doesn’t feel he has trust in the locker room so he’s bringing back his guys to rebuild that. But, that’s so sad. If you’re that insecure about yourself, you shouldn’t be coaching in the NBA. The fact that Thibs can’t make adjustments, run a successful offensive systems, use a bench successfully, or connect with his younger players, means he should’ve been fired at the end of the year.

Butler figures he’s not going to waste away his prime playing 40 minutes a night for Thibs to do this nonsense.

It makes me sick because before Butler went down with an injury, the Timberwolves were a top 3 seed. They have the talent. And now Thibs is ruining that for his insecurity.

And the fact he is still president of basketball operations actually make me sick.

And don’t believe the non-sense that this is Wiggins and KAT’s fault. It’s not. The media blew that up. The relationship between the 3 of them is strong. This is about Butler, being in his prime, not wanting to play for a dumbass coach who’s outdated to do his job. Butler and Thibs never had that relationship like Rose, Deng, and Noah had with him. Their relationship has been strong but still not as close as the other guys. But Butler can’t be happy with the roster Thibs is building.

Tom Thibodeau is the worst coach in the NBA and it’s not even close.

It’s a real shame.

Ship Thibs to the damn moon already.

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