Nike- Morality or Money

Whether you agree with Nike making Colin Kaepernick their poster boy is up to you. Whether you burn your Nike gear or not is up to you. Whether you stand for the National Anthem or not is once again up to you.  Hell, you can choose whether you want to be use the Men’s Bathroom or Woman’s bathroom at this point so feel free to agree or disagree with Nike.

What I think is lost on this issue is the fact that Nike is a company that is out to make a profit.  We as a society have turned this into a political debate which is fine but I am pretty confident Nike does not care what Colin Kaepernick stands for or anyone else when it comes down to it.  Nike cares about people talking about them, seeing their logo and being a hot topic. The more eyes on their logo and the word “Nike” coming out of people mouths is beneficial to them and their bottom line.  Proof of this was yesterday as Nike stock ended the day at an all time high.  Trust me Nike did not become a billion dollar company by picking political sides.  They became a billion dollar company by capitalizing on opportunities when they saw one.

Before you pick a side why don’t you ask yourself a simple question, Am I a sucker ?  Nike is playing the public like a smart company should.  They know damn well the percentage of people who will boycott Nike is small and the amount of new customers or active customers who will buy more to support them will cover that 10 fold.  Do not forget Nike is a global company, do you think a guy in China who loves basketball is not going to buy his Air Jordan’s because of an American issue?  Quite frankly I am pretty sure Nike could endorse the KKK and people will still wait in line when the new Jordan’s come out.  They know this and you should also. So before you do battle with your friends, family and strangers on social media over your views on the morals of this issue remind yourself of Nike’s motive in doing this, money.

Colin Kaepernick has been on the Nike payroll this entire time which sends my mind in to overdrive thinking about this issue.  Besides Wing Span Sports I buy gold and silver for a l out of a store front and I have seen people attempt some of the shadiest things you could imagine to make a buck so my first thought of anyone at this point is ” what is their real agenda here ? ”  This may be a jaded mindset but the reality is a lot of people lie, cheat, steal and do whatever they can to get ahead in life.  What is the point of this, well let me give you a scenario.  This is hypothetical and just a thought but what if Nike orchestrated with Colin Kaepernick right from the beginning with this ad campaign being the end game ?  We all know politicians are bought and sold every day by companies and power players so that they can both benefit financially despite what either of them believe in.  Would it be impossible to think a company could not persuade an athlete to do the same using money and fame ?  Lets be honest here for a second, Colin Kaepernick rose like a meteor as a player and then crashed and burned very quickly.  The timing of his anthem protest came during the crash and burn period not while he was having success as a player.  Is it not possible he fell in love with the fame and money he got from being a top QB in the NFL and realized that was coming to an end and would do anything to stay a star ?  Could Nike have seen this and offered him a deal to kneel, wear anti-cop socks, and battle the NFL with the idea of creating a civil rights star before our eyes to be used for their profit in the end ? If this was the case and neither party really cared about the issues, how would you feel then ?

Whether anything shady went on or not does not really matter because at the end of the day this is a business move for Nike.  We have turned it into a political war and that is what they want.  Bottom line is before you make your decision on what side you are on, look at all the facts, motives, angles, and possible scenarios and decide based off of what make sense to you.  If more people took the time to analyze these situations and not be so quick to join sides I am pretty confident we would have less hatred in this world and the actual real issues that need to be address could begin to be solved.


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