“My 1-12 record of seeing the Cubs play in person”

The last time I saw the Cubs win in person was 2008 and i was 12 years old. They beat the Astros and this was when Lance Berkman was still playing. The Cubs had Dempster pitching and the Astros where still in the National League. At least they won 9-0, but still that was 10 long years ago. Since then I’ve attended 7 cubs games and it’s been 7 straight losses. Most of these losses have come against the boys up north. Because i went to college 10 minutes from Miller Park I’ve gone to my fair share of Cubs vs Brewers games. And in my college career I watched the cubs lose at Miller Park 5 straight times. Not to mention the other two other losses that took place at Wrigley. Yes the friendly confines are not so friendly when I show up to support the boys.
Last night was like a song on repeat, first inning Granderson hits the basket and gets denyed the homerun. At that moment i knew i should of just stayed home and watched the game on my couch. Next thing you know Almora is fielding a ball on the side of his body like some scrub from one of my little league teams, ERROR. After the first 2 innings I had to buy a couple 10 dollar beers to hide the voice in the back of my mind that kept saying “you’ll never see the Cubs win in person ever again”. Then in the 3rd, Shaw hits a fly out to center for Granderson to score AGAIN. Brewers up 2-0, and the Cubs still can’t hit. Thank god for Kris Bryant being the only Cub to rack up 2 hits and knocking in La Stella on his RBI double in the 5th. Life was reborn and I thought that the magic of Wrigley was going to propel the offense to fire on all cylinders. Pretty naive thinking on my part when i look back at it, because in the bottom of the 8th the brewers turn to gun slinging Josh Hader to close out the game.
Watching Hader pitch in person you realize why it’s so hard for hitters to pick up on the ball during his windup. It’s damn near impossible, and he didn’t dip below 96 mph the rest of the night, rough 8th inning as the top of the order all goes down swinging. To make things worse in the top of the 9th Granderson steps up to the plate and hits a bomb to center and puts the brewers up 3-1. Shortly after that they score two more garbage runs. By the bottom of the ninth Wrigley looks like the scene out of “Rookie of the Year” with hardly any fans in the stands. I’m still working on my warm beer that i got in the top of the 7th and that’s when the depression really started to set in. Just like that 1,2,3 outs and the Cubs drop a pivotal game to the Brewers.
More importantly I’m still waiting to see a Cubs win since 2008. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on attending another game this year because with only a one game lead in the division I’m not risking any more losses on my account. All in all you can thank me at the end of September when the Cubs win the division and make their postseason 2018 run.
Meanwhile the Cardinals and Brewers will be stuck battling it out in a one game wild card series, which honestly I just wish both teams could somehow lose. Maybe next year will be my year to end the drought, but until then 1-12 record stands strong.
By: Marcus Fitzpatrick

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