David Wright to be Activated but Retire at end of Season

Written by: Joe Ryan

Twitter: @joeywingspan

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I mean, I am absolutely in tears.

David Wright, an All-time Met and an all-time MLB player will play one last game for the Orange and Blue and then most likely hang up the cleats after September 29th. As you can see from the video, it was very emotional for David to come to terms with that.

To see my Captain cry like that, made me tear up. I barely even remember any Mets moments without David Wright commanding the hot corner for the Mets. And to see him tear up like that, you have to get emotional. Baseball is an emotional game. And no Met deserves to go out on top more than David Wright. The man became the New York Mets. He personified everything that was New York Mets, Major League Baseball and Baseball in general. He played with such charisma, care, and heart. He played for the love of the game. If you were a kid growing up in the David Wright era, you should’ve and wanted to play like him.

In 2015, no one deserved a World Series more than David Wright but I couldn’t be happier that he got to experience that run. He deserved it. For all the bad he had to go through with this shitty organization, he deserved a chance at glory. That season was magical for Wright and the fact he played in such little games made it such a magical season. After the injury early in the season, the Mets were deprived without him. But the guy fought like hell to get back on the field for the New York Mets.


The absolute BLAST on his first game back



The Labor Day fist pump



That base hit up the middle in Game 1 of the NLDS



The home run to lead off the second inning in Game 3 of the World Series are something I’ll never forget it.


This man became the New York Mets. He became the face of the New York Mets. You can even say, at times, he was the face of the MLB (which he was because I voted for him 1000 times on twitter).




I mean, this man did it all and he was a sure-fire Hall of Famer if he didn’t get hurt. Every time you watched him play he had the biggest smile on his face. He was the man. ‘

It’s tough to see your favorite player go through so many injuries like this and it’s really tough to see your baseball idol, that you grew up watching every single day in the summer, leave like this. This is not how he should go out. He should’ve been able to go out on his own terms. But unfortunately, that’s not how sports work and it sucks.

And to all the Mets fans who comment on tweets and instagram posts about Wright telling him to “retire” or he’s “washed up”, or “never play again!”. Shame on you. Shame on all of you who wrote that, said that, or thought it. Hand in your Mets fandom card and never come back. You’re not a real fan. A real fan would support the greatest person and player to put on a New York Mets uniform. A man that built the New York Mets back. He could’ve left in Free Agency, but he stuck through the hard times with us. He cared about us as fans. He wanted to bring a title back to NYC for the Mets fans. If David Wright wanted to play another 15 years and bat .030 for his career, I’d let him He meant that much to this organization, city and sport.

Thank you David Wright for showing a young kid like me how to play the game of baseball the right way and show everyone that this game is a lot of fun.


I’m gonna miss being at Citi Field and hear the announcer say.

“Now batting, third baseman, number 5. Davvvvviiiiiiiddddd Wrightttt”. And then “I got Fives on em” blasting throughout the stadium.



Farewell my Captain. Thanks for everything.


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