Game Recap- Jaguars 20 Giants 15

Week one is in the books and the Giants are 0-1 for what feels like the 30th season in a row.  There are many take aways from this game, not all are bad even though we did not win.  Since we did lose, we will start with the negatives and go from there.

1- Ereck Flowers is a loser

I mean, look at this bum.

This guy on so many levels is a loser and honestly, I don’t t have enough time to write it all out.  Almost every negative play on offense, he had a hand in it. After all the shit he has been through and people saying he sucks, you would think a guy would have more pride and really work his ass off to prove people wrong. Not this guy. He comes back on his last legs and get embarrassed all game.  Yes,the Jags have a solid defensive line but this guy was uncompetitive all game long.  Every high school has a person like Ereck Flowers. 6’5 340 pounds and looks like he should be an all American football player and yet they do not even join the team because they have no heart or competitive drive.  This guy has to go. I was faithful he would understand his career is on the line and we would get some solid football out of him but he just has no spine.  ANYONE would be a better option at this point.

2- Eli has to play better

I do not want to say Eli is shot because this is basically how he has been his entire career but you have to start to wonder.  We have always had to deal with some bad picks and inaccurate throws, mixed in with some pin point balls during Eli’s career.  Eli has never been a stat stuffer but always managed to get the job done when the team needed it most.  We have no seen that same late game magic from Eli lately and it makes his mid game mistakes unbearable.  The pick 6 was a combination of things but Eli, the last year and half, has been so panicky in the pocket it almost seems if he is afraid to get hit.  I do not blame him due to the joke of a offensive line play in years past but you can not just throw the ball up in the air to avoid a hit.  In that situation you take the hit, hold on to the football and punt the ball away.  Besides the pick 6, Eli missed Beckham twice for touchdowns overthrowing him and did not see countless receivers who were open.  He has got to stand firmer in the pocket go through his reads and deliver better balls when the big play is there.  All the weapons in the world do not matter if you can not get them the ball.  Eli did have some nice throws mixed in but overall he was pretty average.

3- Pat Shurmur wasting a Challenge

I like Pat Shurmur, but you can not waste challenges in this league.  To lose a challenge and timeout in this league can make or break you especially if it happens in the second half.  You better be damn certain you have a good shot at winning the challenge and more importantly, have it be worth it before you throw that flag.  Yesterday it did not have a direct effect on the outcome but he has to do a better job moving forward.

The positives of this game was 2 things…

1-Offensivly  we moved the Ball

Eli missed a ton of guys, otherwise we could have put up 20 plus points very easily yesterday against one of the toughest defensives in football.   Our receivers got open, Odell looked explosive and Saquon Barkely looked like the real deal.  If Evan Engram can hang onto the ball and Eli can hit the open guys more often, our offensive should have no trouble putting up points based off of what I saw yesterday.

2- Defense bended but did not break

The Jags are no offensive juggernaut and losing Leonard Fournette hurt them but our defense did a good job pretty much all game.  We gave up some plays and did not get off the field as much as I would have liked but the only thing that matters is how many points you give up.  Only 13 points being scored against us will have us winning most games, so I was encourage.  Special shout out to Eli Apple who played great yesterday and looked like a completely different player.  Apple was in the same boat as Ereck Flowers with their careers heading down and this kid did something about it this offseason unlike his mess of a teammate flowers.  Also Lorenzo Carter and BJ Hill had nice debuts and should continue to get better as the season goes along.

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