An Upset in Jerry’s World, What Does This win Mean for the Tigers?

Good thing Miami’s jerseys were “environmentally friendly” on Sunday night because their team played like garbage and just as I predicted in my week 1 preview ( ) Coach O and the #25 LSU Tigers have defeated the #8 Miami Hurricanes in Arlington, Texas. Coming into this year Coach Ed Orgeron was predicted to be the first head coach fired and I think that will no longer be the case. QB transfer Joe Burrow from Ohio State looks like he can be the savior to the Tigers football program after not having a QB for many years.

With a performance like this against a team like Miami only letting up 17 points LSU looks to possibly be a contender for the SEC. There are many great teams in the SEC but if the Tigers can score 33 points on a highly touted defense like Miami they can likely do the same against teams like Georgia and Alabama. A huge positive for LSU is that they play their hardest games against Georgia and Alabama in the real Death Valley (Clemson’s “death valley” is simply fake) which is commonly known as one of the hardest places to play at so if all goes well for the Tigers I believe the playoffs could be a huge possibility for them.

By Andrew Kalb

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