What This Loss Means for Michigan

On Saturday night #14 Michigan went into South Bend to take on #12 Notre Dame and the outcome was not as expected for Michigan fans. The Wolverines lost 24-17 and had a terrible game. I respect Notre Dame and believe they will have a great season and make the playoffs. This loss for Michigan now means the fate of their season rests in their own hands. If Michigan can manage to win out they still have a great chance of making the playoffs as they would beat teams like Penn state, Ohio State, Wisconsin and Michigan state. All 4 of those teams are around top 15 teams in the nation so even though this win against the Irish would have been a big help, it doesn’t completely mean their season is over.


It is only week 1 and anything is still possible like Notre Dame going undefeated with the hard schedule they have and Michigan going undefeated the rest of the season as well and this loss will mean nothing since Notre Dame will be the top team in the nation. Although that is extremely possible you can’t just rely on that to happen so what Michigan needs to do to get back into playoff contention is work on the running game, Patterson needs to be more of a leader and the defense needs to play to their full potential.

By Andrew Kalb



PS: IMO if Michigan wore all maize they definitely would have won. 


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