Bears win the Khalil Mack Sweepstakes

Ian Rapoport sounded the alarms this morning and Adam Schefter shut them off as Mack found a new home as a Chicago Bear.

Are the Bears back? Sure seems there trying to rebuild things quickly.

Rapoport announced the terms as two first rounds picks and a player. It’s not announced yet what year the picks for and which player.

** UPDATE: Bears give up 2019 first rounder, 2019 6th rounder, 2020 first rounder and 2020 3rd rounder. Bears obviously get Mack AND 2020 2nd and conditional first round pick **

Mack, who’s looking for an Aaron Donald type extension, will likely get a big pay day as soon as his plane touches down.

Chicago has the salary cap necessary to give Mack a large deal.

Mack who has 40.5 sacks in his first 4 seasons was the best available trade candidate of the offseason. Big time move by the Bears to keep up in the NFC North.

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