Aaron Rodgers’ Contract Extension

Aaron Rodgers was just recently given a contract extension and boy oh boy did he get paid. The details of the contract are as follows, 4 years, $134 million with more than $100 million in  guaranteed money. This is a record breaking contract in the NFL also now making him the highest paid player in the NFL. I believe this contract is totally worth it for the Packers opposed to other contracts like Odell Beckham’s contract with the Giants considering the importance of a quarterback vs a wide receiver. A quarterback is much more likely to have more of an impact on a game or season than a receiver so in my opinion Rodgers is completely worth this contract.

Remember when Matt Stafford was given a record breaking contract making him the highest paid player in the NFL last year around the same time? Now Stafford is the 3rd highest paid QB in the NFC North. In just one years time he went from the highest paid player in the entire league to 3rd out of 4 QB in his division, that is just crazy how fast things can change in the NFL and the importance of a quarterback to a team. Since there are few real quarterbacks in the league who can cosisintley play on a good level every quarterback to get a new contract will become the highest paid until another quarterback gets a contract. Teams with good QBs will not just let there player walk away from the team they will try and do everything they can to keep him on the team.

Now with Rodgers signing an extension in Green Bay for 4 more years which would make him 38 years old at the end of this extension. So we will most likely not see Aaron Rodgers in another team’s jersey and will retire as a Packer. Tom Brady is currently 41 still playing at a high level of football so who knows when Rodgers will retire but it is almost certain Rodgers will not be leaving Green Bay anytime soon.

By Andrew Kalb

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