College Football Week 1 Preview

Week 1 is slowly approaching this saturday and i cannot be more excited. In previous years week 1 is usually not the greatest week of the season since teams usually play a “cupcake” game week 1 but in recent years teams have scheduled big out of conference games for week 1 and moved their “cupcake” game to week 2. This year has a few great games between ranked teams and a few sneaky good ones so let’s get into the games i’m looking forward to watching when week 1 rolls around.


Florida Atlantic vs #7 Oklahoma (-21) 12:00 pm September 1st

Both of these teams are coming off great seasons. FAU has a bright future ahead of them with Lane Kiffin and many great recruits. Oklahoma is coming off an amazing season being lead by Baker Mayfield but Baker is now gone so that may be trouble for Oklahoma. Oklahoma has the home field advantage but i think this is going to be a high scoring game since both teams have great offenses and not so great defenses. I think FAU will cover the spread, Oklahoma will win and the game will hit the over.


#17 West Virginia (-10) vs Tennessee 12:00 pm September 1st

Although Tennessee is not ranked or expected to be that great this season opposed to the expectations for Will Grier and West Virginia i still think this will be a great game. I think West Virginia will win this game but it will still be a competitive game.


#6 Washington vs #9 Auburn (-1.5) 3:30 pm September 1st

This is the best game of week if you just look at the rankings of the teams but i believe it will not be a close game. I do not think Washington is worthy of being ranked 6th in the nation. Auburn is going to upset Washington on saturday afternoon and will cover the spread by plenty. To give Auburn more of an advantage the game is being played at a neutral site, this might not make sense since a neutral site is supposed to give neither team an advantage but the game is being played in the Mercedes Benz arena which is very close to Auburn so i think their fans will travel well to support the team.


#14 Michigan vs #12 Notre Dame (-1) 7:30 pm September 1st

This is the second best game of the week based on rankings but in my opinion it will be the best game of the week also it will be the site for college gameday so it should be a great game. If it is a close game like i expect it to be this will be a great game for both teams if they want to make a case for the playoffs. Ultimately i believe Michigan will come out as the winner of this game although Michigan has to face the fans of South Bend i still think they will leave with a win.


Louisville vs #1 Alabama (-24.5) 8:00 pm September 1st

This is the second year in a row that bama is playing a good out of conference game for week 1. This game will not be competitive at all, Alabama is a complete power house and Louisville is nothing compared to them especially now without college super star and heisman winner Lamar Jackson. Alabama will 100% cover the spread this game and will hold Louisville to at most 17 points. The game is being played a neutral site in Orlando but it will not matter to Alabama they will still beat the breaks off Louisville despite not having as much fans as they would at a home game.


#8 Miami (FL.) vs #25 LSU (+3.5) 7:30 pm September 2nd

Both of these teams will be great this season so all things do point to this game being a great and competitive one. LSU will upset Miami on sunday night in a very close game. I have very high expectations for LSU this team and i don’t believe that Miami will repeat a season like last year. This game will go under since both teams do have great defenses. This game is being played at a neutral site so both teams will not have a home field advantage although the game is closer to Baton Rouge than Miami there will still be no advantage.


#20 Virginia Tech vs #19 Florida State 8:00 pm September 3rd

The last game of week 1 and it should be a good one. Virginia Tech travels to Doak Campbell stadium to face the Seminoles. This game will be a good one and very competitive i mean just looking at there rankings you can see the teams are very similar but i do think Florida State will come out with a win on Monday night.

By Andrew Kalb


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