Rookie Quarterbacks, How will they Perform in their First Year in the NFL?

With the NFL season quickly approaching in a few weeks i felt that now was a good time to talk about all the rookie quarterbacks that were drafted this year. The 2018 NFL draft was held from April 26-28 in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. 4 quarterbacks were drafted in the top 10 and 5 were taken in the first round. The 5 quarterbacks in order they were picked goes Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen and Lamar Jackson. Here is how all of these quarterbacks were in college, their place on their respective team and how I believe they will do during the 2018-19 NFL season.

Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns (#1 overall)

 This pick was a surprise to many on draft night, not because he is bad but because he is questionable. Baker has many similarities to another Browns QB named Johnny Manziel who did not turn out great in the NFL. Baker was a human highlight reel in college at Oklahoma. Although he walked on to Oklahoma he still went on to win a Heisman and carry Oklahoma to 2 playoff appearances while he attended the school. Baker will start out behind Tyrod Taylor in Cleveland but will probably make his way to become a starter by next year. The Browns have high expectations for Baker to carry the team out of the misery it’s already in after an 0-16 season but my prediction is he will have a good NFL career in the future but this year he will not play much unless Tyrod is injured.

Sam Darnold, New York Jets (#3 overall)

 The Jets have not been very good the past couple years going 5-11 in 2017 and 2016. Although they did go 10-6 in 2015 and had a shot at the playoffs they just not have been a consistently good team, but things will be changing for the Jets now with Darnold as there QB. Darnold attended USC and was a great player in college. Darnold took USC to the Rose Bowl in 2016 against Penn State and to the Cotton Bowl in 2017 against Ohio State. Darnold is currently the Jets starting quarterback and will be an extreme help to them this season. He had a great college career and i believe he will have an even better NFL career.

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (#7 overall)

Unlike the other two quarterbacks i talked about Allen didn’t have such a great college career. He attended Wyoming University so he was not talked about like other players in the draft who went to power 5 schools. Allen’s number one strength as a quarterback is his arm. To simply put it, Allen has a rocket arm. Although that may not be what you’re looking for in a quarterback it is what fans want to see. Imagine a ball launched 70+ yards for a touchdown. Allen was originally supposed to be the backup but after the starter in AJ Mccarron was injured Allen will now be the starter in Buffalo. With a better team around Allen compared to his team at Wyoming i think he will be a great QB in the NFL for years to come.

Josh Rosen, Arizona Cardinals (#10 overall)

At UCLA Rosen was an amazing QB for them but the team around him wasn’t really as good as they could have been. Rosen is currently the second string QB for Arizona behind Sam Bradford. Rosen could easily take the starting job from Bradford by the end of the year but i do not see Rosen being anything that good. He will become an average to below average QB in the NFL

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (#32 overall)

This pick is an absolute steal. For a Heisman winner like Jackson fall all the way to the last pick in the 1st round is insane. Jackson attended Louisville although many people do not think of Louisville as a “football school” he made them double check that thought. Much like Mayfield, Jackson was a human highlight reel in college rushing for over 4000 yards in 3 years which is pretty impressive. Many people compare him to Mike Vick with his ability to run and also make great throws so, much like Vick i think Jackson will have a similar career in the NFL.

By Andrew Kalb

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