Where is Le’Veon Bell?

Where is Le’veon Bell?

By Andrew Kalb


Le’veon Bell is arguably the best running back in the NFL and has still not yet shown up to practice. To a common football fan this may not make any sense at all but there is a reason behind it, whether you agree with it or not he does have a reason to be holding out of practice. This reason is he wants to be paid the max amount of money he can possibly get. He also does not want to be paid as a “running back” he wants to be paid as an “offensive weapon” because under the term “running back” he can’t be paid as much as he wants to be paid. Bell was offered a 5 year $70 million contract but turned it down because he believes he is worth more. To make the whole situation worse Bell plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers who have historically never paid much for their players which is a huge disadvantage to Bell because the Steelers will let him walk if they don’t come to an agreement. Over the summer a running back you may have heard of, named Todd Gurley was given a huge contract extension, $60 million for 4 years, this makes him the top paid running back across the NFL. This is bad news to the Steelers since Bell now knows other teams are willing to pay up for a great running back. Bell is now going into his final year of his contract and will have to prove his worth this season if he wants to get paid. Now to answer the question as to where Leaven Bell is? the answer is most likely home probably just working out by himself and will return to the Steelers on week 1 while the rest of the team has been together since July 25. Although Bell is a great player he is far from a great teammate. Not to mention his off the field issues as well being suspended multiple times for violating the NFL’s drug policy so Bell is gotta get things together this season if he wants a max contract.   

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