Heisman Preview and Predictions

Heisman Preview and Predictions

By Andrew Kalb

The Heisman trophy, one of the most prestigious trophies in sports. The trophy is awarded to the most outstanding college football player. There are 870 media votes , 57 prior winner votes and 1 fan vote. The trophy being sponsored by Nissan, Nissan gets a vote but gives it to their fans by running a survey collected by ESPN on NissanHeismanHouse.com. Each voter identifies three selections, ranking them in order. Each first-place selection is awarded three points. Each second-place selection is awarded two points. Each third-place selection is awarded one point. Voters must make three selections and cannot duplicate a selection, else the ballot is invalid and none of the selections count. Every year odds are given out to many players capable of winning the trophy, here is a rundown on some of the favorites and some sleepers I believe will perform and will possibly win the trophy. I will also give my prediction as to who will be in New York in December and who will ultimately win the trophy.


Bryce Love, RB, Stanford (+600)

So at +600 Love is the favorite to win the Heisman coming into the season. Stanford is a good team but not good enough for a playoff run which gives Love a disadvantage. Another huge disadvantage is that he plays on the west coast. East coast bias is a common term used in sports and is true since all the sports writers and media is mostly located on the east coast where west coast games are commonly played very late at night.

Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin (+675)

At +675 Taylor would be a great bet since $100 would win you $675. Taylor plays at Wisconsin in the B1G TEN which is one of the best situations possible for a running back like Taylor. Not to mention but Wisconsin has one of the best offensive line in the nation so Taylor should have a great year ahead of him with a possibility of a Heisman.

Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama (+700)

Kind of a shock that Tua has the 3rd best odds to win the Heisman since he has not yet been named the starter. After an amazing performance in the National Championship all things do point to Tua starting at bama but to still not be named the starter is kinda crazy to also be the 3rd favorite for the Heisman.

JK Dobbins, RB, Ohio State (+1500)

There may not be great stability at Ohio State currently after everything with Urban Meyer but Dobbins is still a great player. After having a 1400 yard season he is projected to take the next step this year and become a star in the world of college football.

Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia (+1700)

The Freshman quarterback that absolutely shocked the nation last year leading an underrated team in Georgia to a SEC championship and a second place finish in the National Championship, Jake Fromm is looking to have a monster year and has a great chance to win the Heisman. The odds for this are great so if you’re looking to bet on someone make it him.

So that about rounds out the top 5 favorites. Now to get into players i believe have a chance at winning the trophy but have below top 5 odds to win it.

Shea Patterson, QB, Michigan (+1600)

For some reason Jake Fromm is ranked ahead of Patterson even though Patterson has better odds. Patterson is a transfer from Ole Miss although he wore #20 as a quarterback which is #weird he is still a great player and will fill one of Michigan’s holes at QB and perform all season.

Kelly Bryant, QB, Clemson (+2500)

Clemson had a great season last year with Bryant a QB so all things point to another good year. Not to add Bryant is playing with a little extra motive since his backup is Trevor Lawrence who was the #1 high school QB last year so I think Bryant could possibly have a Heisman worthy season.

DAndre Swift, RB, Georgia (+2200)

Swift was the 3rd string RB last year at Georgia and still had a good year. The only reason he was the 3rd string is because he played behind 2 of the best backs in the nation last year in Nick Chubb and Sony Michel. Now him being alone in Georgia gives him many more touches and a lot more yards so a Heisman season is very possible for him this year.

Now onto the ultimate sleepers for the Heisman. These players odds are great if your looking to bet a small amount for a great reward. They are all great players but just not in the best situation or position to win the trophy.

Ed Oliver, DE, Houston (+7000)

Even though he is one of the most talented players in the nation he still has one of the lowest odds to win the Heisman. This is because he plays defense, Charles Woodson is the only defensive player to win the trophy (Go Blue). Oliver could have an outstanding season and win this trophy but it’s going to be difficult because of his position.

David Stills, WR, West Virginia (+8500)

West Virginia is a team who is going to put up tons of points and most points are going to be scored by Stills. Not to mention he has a great quarterback in Will Grier so a great season out of Stills is likely to happen.

Heisman Finalists are invited to New York every year. The amount of Finalists vary year to year so i will just give my prediction for the final 3 and the winner.

In 3rd place we have JK Dobbins from The Ohio State, 2nd will be Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin and the winner will be Jake Fromm out of Georgia having an outstanding sophomore season leading Georgia to a great record and himself to a great season.  

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