MLB Postseason Preview


MLB Postseason Preview

By Andrew Kalb

Although it’s only August and there is still some time for teams to make late season runs for a wild card spot I thought it’s still late enough in the season to layout how the post season may possibly look when the time comes around.

Let’s start with the American League. The clear favorite so far seems to be the Boston Red Sox but a team called the Oakland Athletics may have something to say about that. Here are how I think the divisions in the American League will pan out.

AL EastBoston Red Sox, pretty obvious choice in my opinion being 88-39 and 8 games ahead of the Yankees. Even though i’m a Yankees fan I just don’t think the Yanks will catch up in the division.

AL CentralCleveland Indians, Easy choice this division is nothing but pure trash with the second place team being the Minnesota Twins 13.5 games back and being 6 games below .500 this division was just a plain easy pick.

AL WestOakland Athletics, This was a much tougher choice than my last 2 picks because this division is loaded with great teams and as of now the Houston Astros are tied for first place with the A’s at 76-50 and the Seattle Mariners in 3rd at 72-55. Realistically any of the top 3 teams from this division can win the division but I think Oakland is going to run away with it.

AL WildcardNew York Yankees and Houston Astros, Both of these teams have been bit by the injury bug this season. Both teams got off to a hot start but slowly cooled down as other teams in there respective divisions heated up so they will most likely play in the wild card even though both teams are loaded with talent. In my opinion the wild card should be at least 3 games because baseball is not a one game sport but it is what it is and one of these teams will have to go home after one game even though both teams have the talent to win the World Series.

Now onto the National League unlike the American League there are so many more races for the division title. The National League is going to be a lot harder to predict division winners due to so many talented teams in the race but let’s get into it.

NL EastAtlanta Braves,The Braves and Phillies are in a tight race for the division with the Phillies only being 2.5 gb as of now and the Washington Nationals 7.5 gb but after trading away Daniel Murphy to the Cubs it’s pretty obvious they don’t have faith in their team to make a run.

NL CentralChicago Cubs, This division is very tight with 3 teams making a push for the division, Cubs, Brewers and Cardinals, but I believe the Cubs will stay in first and push into the playoffs. The Cubs recently added star second baseman Daniel murphy from the Washington Nationals which is a huge help to an already talented team.

NL WestLos Angeles Dodgers, The Dodgers have an amazing team, probably the most talented team in the league after they added Manny Machado but as of now they are in 3rd place in the division at 67-60 and 3.5 gb. The 2 teams ahead of them are the Arizona Diamondbacks at 70-56 and the Colorado Rockies at 68-57. Despite being in 3rd I think LA will be able to make a run for the division title.        

NL WildcardPhiladelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers, Both of these teams have chances to win the division but I just don’t see them doing it. Both teams are great with so much young talent both the Brewers and Phillies will be in the postseason for years to come. It sucks one team will have to go home after one game because they both have potential to go deep into the postseason but unfortunately only one will have the opportunity to chase a pennant.

World SeriesOakland Athletics and Los Angeles Dodgers, The Dodgers will make there way back to the Fall classic and it will be two teams from the west coast. I believe the Athletics have the potential to perform like the Yankees performed last year as the underdog throughout the whole postseason. The Dodgers will be able to handle the National League and make there way back to the world series with no problem. Their pitching will carry them during the playoffs and there offense will produce many runs. The series is going to be hard fought but the Dodgers will defeat the Athletics in 5 games and the Dodgers will have finished what they started last year after losing in 7 to the Astros they will finally get their own World Series victory.

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